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Today's consumers are in control. They want the information they want, when they want and where they go to look for it. And, if they don’t find what they like or expect, they simply move on with their search leaving your business behind.

Plainly put, your business needs to be in the right place at the right time with the right message in order to Be Discovered.


Broadcast radio remains one of the most effective and cost-efficient means of reaching consumers. Incorporating radio into your overall marketing strategy allows you to connect with people in an ongoing and personal way influencing their purchasing decisions.

Digital Presence

Surround Listings, Surround Reputation, and Surround Social Media Management.


Those coveted first page positions don't happen by accident. Pay per click or PPC, is enticing for many business owners because it easily offers tangible, traceable results and instant gratification, but without the right hands on the wheel, it can be a costly exercise in futility.


Your online reputation is something you need to Surround. Every day, customers are talking about your business on websites like TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, Facebook and more. And, this chatter has a direct impact on your revenue — it's time for you to join the conversation. Surround Reputation and Review Generation lets you rest easy knowing your reviews are responded to, and allows you to better control your digital presence.


Online listings are powerful and something a business must Surround. Online listings give consumers information on your businesses like location, hours of operation, and how to contact you. If your business can't be found online or your customers are being pointed in the wrong direction, they are more likely to go to a competitor.


Targeted Email is one of the best ways to get the attention of a new audience. But in crowded inboxes that are already flooded with emails, you need to write and format great emails to reach the right audience at the right time, and get customers to convert with the right calls-to-action and tools.

Live Chat

If you don’t have live chat on your website, you’re losing valuable leads and important chances to interact with your potential customers.

Programmatic Display

Your potential customers are using the internet to find the products and services they need. Are you there to greet them or are they passing you by? Surround Display goes beyond just targeting your audience. Surround Display is about reaching your prospect at the right time with the right message on the right device.

Contesting and Surveys

Contesting should be a part of your overall marketing strategy and is another way to Surround your target audience. If you’re looking for digital presence solutions, then contesting could be the answer.

Social Management

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are where many consumers spend their time socializing on the internet. So, it only makes sense that when working to extend your digital presence, you invest in social media management to engage with your existing and potential customers.


Surround SEO helps you climb organic search engine results. Did you know that 94% of web searchers never made it to page two? Not happy with where you see your business when searching or want a bigger piece of the pie? It's time to Surround SEO.

Web Design

The internet is omnipresent in everyday life, and as a business, you can't afford to sit it out. It's absolutely essential to have a website, and thanks to today's increasingly savvy digital consumers, it's imperative to have a website that is well designed.

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2022 Salem Media,
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